John O. Petri

Born: 1962, in Minneapolis, MN
Raised in: Tucson, AZ
School: Univ. of Arizona, ‘87 (GO WILDCATS!)
Licenses: Florida, North Carolina
Interests: Most sports, outdoor activities, photography automobiles… but mostly my wife & children!

My family moved to Tucson, AZ in, 1968, when I was six years old. All my schooling took place there. When I was in high school, I ended up in an architecture class unknowingly. That forever changed the direction of my career.

After two and a half years of high school architecture, I spent one year becoming a certified welder before going on to the University. After completing studies there, I moved to Boca Raton, FL, having a job waiting for me after spending the summer there the year before. Then upon finishing my apprentice work and gaining my architectural license, my employer, Randall E. Stofft, asked me to forgo moving back to Tucson as I had planned, to open an office in Naples(FL). I must take a moment to credit Randy for most of what I learned about residential design work. He is truly a gifted architect. Five years later, my wife and I decided to move north to raise our children. In the summer of 1999, we made the move to Hendersonville, NC.

Today I am blessed to continue to be able assist others in the creation of their dream home. For me, I have never sought to create a distinct design style. Rather, I would like the work to be perceived having style. By reflecting the character of each client and responding to the building’s site with a measure of caring, then that structure becomes more than a building or house, it becomes architecture…it becomes a home.

Petri architecture is a full service architectural firm, dedicated to serving its clients the highest degree of design excellence coupled in a friendly yet professional manner. Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional design, quality service and accurate construction documents in a timely and efficient manner.