d.o.t.m. Detail of the month

DETAILS… “God is in the Details” is a phrase attributed to architect Mies Van Der Rohe and is a belief that is practiced by architects the world over. How individual parts come together and work in unison to create lasting beauty while being honest to their inherent nature continues to be an underlining requirement that all good architecture reflects.

Buildings are more than the sum of their parts. Each and EVERY part has a purpose. If it does not, it should be eliminated. I like details that are simple though not simplistic. That is to say, that thought should be given to each and every part. When designed and built correctly, each piece should look as though it belongs the way it is. A well crafted home or structure should possess a look of distinction and purpose. More important still, the details should be transparent and allow the user to utilize the space for what it is intended.

Because details are so important, I have created this section of my website to provide examples of various details with a certain amount of commentary to better understand its application. This will be a continuing section (perhaps more like a blog) so please be sure to check back often.



Our detail here is of a zero edge fascia, combined with a radius frieze. Most homes have some sort of vertical fascia (part of the roof where it ends and hangs over the body of the structure) but for this home we sought to simplify the structure and then build back in a touch of cottage style. Though clearly not a cottage, this detail adds an aspect of craftsmanship that contributes to making the home feel cozier and adds a sense of individuality.

The radius frieze is made from tongue and groove cedar 1x2’s. My 12yr. old son refers to this home as the Boat House, because of the way this is crafted; it is not unlike the construction used for boat building. The detail is both elegant and substantial and contributes greatly to the character of the home.